Hay Day Tips and Tricks

Enjoy the latest Hay Day Tips and Tricks 2020 for beginners to pro players. These Hay Day Hacks will take you to another level of Hay Day gameplay. A beginner should also focus on these basic tricks as these tricks will help him/her to become pro in no time. Hay Day Hacks and Hack tools are also the best way of getting free coins, gems, and XP but through these tips and tricks, you can earn maximum Gems without sending your account into danger. If you have already experienced this kind of game then you must be aware that you must have to purchase in order to complete levels without doing hard work and waiting for a long time. But in this website, we are going to tell you how you can increase the speed of the production and get free diamonds.

Hay Day Tips and Tricks 2020

These are the basic tips and tricks for the beginners and intermediate players of Hay Day. Most of you may be familiar with these tricks and tips but for those who are new and want to learn this game can use these tricks. Hay Day Tricks will help you to become a good fisherman. So follow these Hay Day Tips and if you know any other tip then feel free to share in the comment box.

Hay Day Tips and Tricks 2020

Increase Your Diamonds:

In Hay Day, you usually deal with coins as it is the main currency in the game. If we talk about the diamonds than diamonds are the most valuable form of money in this game. As you know on completion of every level you get some diamonds which will later help you in purchase and completion of level etc. Diamonds can be purchased with real money or with mining. For Diamond mining, your minimum level should be 24 otherwise you will not be able to get free diamonds. These Hay Day in game cheats will help you if you don’t want to invest money in this game then we will tell you how to increase diamonds in Hay Day for free.

Log in with Facebook:

It is one of the basic steps to increase your diamonds in which you can simply attach your Facebook account with this game. You can get the following number of diamonds with the help of Facebook.

  • 5 Diamonds for Login with Facebook
  • 1 Diamond for liking Hay Day on Facebook

Watch A Trailer:

You can find a movie ticket and can watch the 30-second trailer of another game to win 2 Diamonds in Hay Day for Free. This is also one of the best ways to increase diamonds in a short time.

Maximize your Diamonds in Hay Day with Online Tool:

You can also increase your diamonds in Hay Day with online tools. In order to maximize your diamonds in Hay Day with the online tool, you need to visit a website.

Speeding Up your Production in Hay Day:

You can increase the speed of production by just tapping on the object in Hay Day. In order to increase the speed of production, you must check how much time it will take to complete if we don’t speed this up. Now check how much amount you will pay for speeding up. If you have enough diamonds for Speeding up your production in Hay Day then just click on the lightning bolt. Your production speed will not increase if you don’t have enough diamonds. It is one of the best Hay Day Tips and Tricks 2020 that you can use.

Free Items in Hay Day:

You can also get free items in Hay Day. This is a quite tricky method but you can use even you are a beginner. First of all, you need to buy a lot of wheat in order to full your silo. After that plant 50% of this wheat. Now when it will reap you can cut this wheat you can shake turn your device upright while cutting down in order to get free items in Hay Day.

Trade Your Mature Crops:

So this is something that most of the players ignore. Always trade your mature crops with your friends in this game. They have reached to their maximum level and now they will not provide you any further benefit so it is the time to fill your field with new crops. New crops will provide you some new bonuses so drop new crops in your fields.

Make More Space:

In the Hay Day game more space means more benefits. The thing is how to make more space in this game. If you want to know how to maximize your space in this game then you can remove trees and plants to increase your space. Always focus on the space in your barn and silo instead of your space in grassland. In order to increase this space, you need to harvest more and more.

Cats and Dogs:

Most of the new players don’t know the purpose of Cats and dogs in this game, you can feed your pet in order to maximize your XP. When you feed your cat or dog you will get 30XP. Pets are a symbol of achievement. The maximum number of pets means the maximum number of achievements you have received in this game.

Hay Day Cats and Dogs

Find Building Material:

One of the best Hay Day Tips and Tricks 2020 is to find building material. With the help of this building material, you can build new buildings in a hay day game. It helps to maximize your storage space in silo and barn. This building material can be found in the mystery boxes that pop up during gameplay. You can also use diamonds to open mystery boxes in order to get building material. So increase the number of buildings and get maximum benefits.

For more Hay Day Tips and Tricks 2020 you can stay tuned with this website. On this website, you can also check the Hacks and cheat codes for the Hay Day Game. For more details please keep visiting this website or write in the comment section.

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